Race to the Bottom

Seven Billion human beings on the planet today, and growing. When I was a kid there was less than three billion, yes it was a while ago. The point is, people being born today can expect the population to double in their lifetime. Fourteen billion when the little one’s of today become the retirees of tomorrow. How on earth, no pun intended, do Australians believe they can hang on to an island continent that only twenty million people inhabit and only forty million, if we use the double in a life time equation, when the planet will be holding fourteen billion! It can’t be done. Get a grip, make a plan and expect the hordes to come, at least be ready. Don’t expect narrow thinking politicians to tell you about this, their life expectancy is three years at best, eleven if extraordinary, and that extraordinary is tenacity and political will. In other words, steady as she sinks.

Australia needs to be a Republic so we can have our own identity. We need a constitutional bill of rights and a decent constitution that is governed by the rule of law. Separation of church and state.

Cyclists in Kent St, Sydney.

Where are they?


I have nothing against people who ride bikes around, in principle. But who in the world can make sense of taking a third of a very busy city street and making a two lane bike path? I’m all for greening the planet and I support a host of things that could be called lefty, but this is cynical politics at best. I don’t want to slag off at anyone or blame parties and leanings. No more than fifty people use those lavish lanes in a day, most of them are the same person twice, at the loss of a peak hour lane way at night, motorcycle and car parking spaces the rest of the time, and lets not forget that the revenue they were, and would still be collecting. For the sake of a few cyclists, we dip into the public purse and bring on the bulldozers and hard hats, traffic controllers and extra parking cops, leaving a walloping carbon footprint, all for fifty lycra clad, tadpole looking, abbot clones to race from lane to lane and dominate the flow of traffic while dodging in and out of wide two lane bike paths, made in living hangover green. These are not the bumblebee, helmet-less, front basket toting euro city cyclists, these are the get out of my way I gotta cut 15 second off Sussex to Elizabeth via Kent and King.


I read his book ‘God is not great’ and attended a book signing speaking engagement of his at Borders books in Santa Monica CA. What a guy, he let no one off the hook friend or foe. Whatever one’s religious belief is, or isn’t, when it’s over here it’s over. No one gets out alive.


He did have a sense of the Churchill about him. Physique, education, quick wit, journalist, etc, etc..



Cook JobsApple will own the lounge room. Coming home and telling the TV what you want to see or are in the mood for whilst showing you you’re latest emails, tweets and a whole host of things all aggregated into one, as it calls the little Italian down the road and gets you veal and Chianti, books the car into the garage because it’s worried about the oil and battery charge settings. picks the time it will tell you that it might be best to cut one, or two digital  magazine subscription’s, and a trim on movie rentals will help keep you on track for that holiday vacation we know you dream about. Also common place, your heart rate and blood pressure, with a full medical history from conception to date, will be constantly running updates to your DNA coding, as well as the star date of Madame Venus’s birth chart and Karmic influences. Big brother watching, it will be big sister and her name will be Siri. She’ll be all over ALL of it.